Application Performance,


Check your infrastructure’s security status

Log Analysis

Collects, normalises and analyses your systems’ log

Asset Management

Maps all the HW and software of your Infrastructure

End User Experience

Monitors your application end user experience

Configuration Management

Manage efficiently the configuration of your entire IT infrastructure

Tactical Console

Customizes your console with maps, services, graphics, etc….

Network Discovery

Discover automatically all systems and applications in your network

Behavioral Learning Engine

To learn about your systems’ operation and help you to choose the alarm thresholds

Correlation Engine

To generate alert when related events occur

Root Case Analysis

To find out quickly the root cause of your systems’ fault

Time Machine

Shows your infrastructure’s status in the past

Multilevel, Topological and georeferenced maps

Different types of maps for a correct representation of your infrastructure

QR Code

Use Qr Codes to always keep updated about your server’s status

SLA Reporting

Shows all your sistems and services SLA

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